About the Conference

Development of Raw Hydrocarbons Deep Conversion in the Russian Federation International Research & Practice Conference promises to be one of the key industry events of the current year, establishing the strategy of domestic oil refining industry development.

Key aims and objectives of the conference:
• analysis of the oil refining industry current problems and search for solutions;
• examination of technologic, economic and social issues in the oil refining industry and related industries;
• discussion on state of the modern Russian science and industry, as well as the government policy in this sphere;
• development of the import-substituting industrialisation strategy through the example of TANECO;
• review of the new legislation trends, related to the industrial and environmental safety at production sites;
• further improvement of the industrial tax system;
• measures of the state support for the deep conversion projects;
• informing of the concerned government bodies on what does the petroleum society thinks on the issue;
• study of the industry leading companies’ best practices;
• information and experience exchange between scientists, experts and government representatives;
• insight into the latest results of the basic and applied researches, as well as development and implementation of high technologies in the industry;
• summation of the best practices in the oil refinery plants designing and construction for the further distribution.

The Conference will discuss different issues such as current problems of the domestic oil refining industry development and their solutions; industrial, environmental and fire safety at production sites; legislation and technical regulations improvement; technical solutions and processes for the increase of oil conversion ratio including design, commissioning and operating issues; improvement of the tax police in the domestic oil refining industry (ensuring oil refining business profitability, excises and tax advantages); experience and ways of public-private partnership development in the oil refining industry; lines of further development of the industrial education system; different aspects of MES systems implementation at oil refining enterprises; JSC TANECO’s best practices in quality improvement of the industrial processing management.